Summer Circle for 6 Groups! Good food. Great friends. Lots of fun. 

Who doesn’t love good food and conversation? Connect with all generations throughout the summer around the table in a Circle for 6 group.  This is a time of casual conversation, eating together and having fun connecting. It could be a BBQ, potluck style or eat out at a restaurant. You will meet once a month (June, July & August). Groups will be made up of about six adults from all stages of life. And yes, kids are welcome too!

Maybe it is old friends you haven’t visited with for a while or maybe new friends you have yet to meet. Either way, spending time around the table with good food and friends is sure to be a great way to spend your summer…because circles are better than rows.

Groups will be formed by the Grow Team and communicated early June.  Sign up today to be a part of a Circle for 6 Summer Group!