I grew up in several different states. My dad is a pastor which caused my family to move all over the place as the Lord  called him to serve in different places. I was born in Elgin, Illinois, and have since lived in West Virginia, Iowa, and North Carolina. I have an amazing brother and sister-in-law who have three wonderful kids I get to call my nieces and nephew. The best thing about me may be my beautiful wife, Monica, whom I met while getting my undergraduate degree in Social Work at UNI.

At a very young age, I felt God calling  me to faith and new life that can only be found in Him. I was 6 years old when, for the first time, I believed Jesus came, lived, and died for the forgiveness of my sins. I was shortly baptized after by my dad—I remember him grabbing me and giving me a good toss into the water!

My teenage years were spent mostly in activities at Waukee High School or at church activities at a church in West  Des Moines. There, I developed an impactful relationship with my youth pastor that still stands today. God used this relationship to show me that through Him, I can have similar relationships with students and young adults too. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than seeing God’s word come alive in front of students and seeing them thrive with the Holy Spirit.

I look forward to all sorts of time spent with students whether we are playing music, learning from God’s word, talking over coffee or Chick-Fil-A, playing any sport (I prefer basketball, running, disc golf, ultimate frisbee). I am always interested in a good book, a good movie, or a good game (preferably a Chicago sports team) and I can’t wait to attend all of your activities!