Delaina Young
Church Administration


Delaina has been active at NewLife Church nearly from its inception.  In 2006, she was asked to be the Office Ministry leader and charged with the task of organizing and staffing the office.  That was a blessing and came at just the right time in her life.  She enjoys working in the office and keeping things running smoothly.  In 2013, she was asked to take the staff position of Church Administrator.  God was in the mix again; it was perfect timing.  She enjoys doing God’s work through supporting the vision and mission of the church.  In this position she wears many hats, so feel free to approach her about anything.  If she can’t take care of it, she will get you to the right person!

Delaina and her husband Jim are so blessed and count it a privilege to attend, work with and spend time with all the exceptional people at NewLife Church.  God is good and His timing is perfect!