Christian Connections: A Ministry of Mentoring
Christian Connections is a ministry for the people of NewLife Church where followers of Christ watch over and support one another in love. Mentors can be trusted advisors and role models – people who have “been there,” “done that,” or “walked that road.” The purpose of this ministry is not to provide counseling, rather to have a Christian Connection with another person, to lift them up, support them, encourage them to invite the Holy Spirit into their daily lives and to use their wisdom from life experience to encourage and help make a difference in the life of another.  
You can be the mentor, mentee, or both.  Mentors are men or women who feel a calling to enter a Christian friendship and support someone who is seeking a mentorship. Mentees are men or women who seek a Christian connection for encouragement, support, and wisdom from another Christian with life experience.  
Sign ups for this ministry will begin in March.  If you have any questions before then please contact Tracey Vignovich at  or call/text 515-249-8417.
March Missions Giving Privilege:
Operation Christmas Child
We are collecting: clothing items for kids ages 2 through 14, such as socks, underwear, shirts, pants, shorts, skirts, gloves, hats, baseball caps; combs, hair picks, brushes, hair accessories; bar soap and stick deodorant; and washcloths. All items must be new, we cannot accept any used items. Questions? Email