Jeff & Pat Ropp


Jeff Ropp believed in Jesus Christ for His free gift of eternal life in 1979 and Pat in 1973.

Jeff grew up in rural Illinois and Iowa and Pat in Minneapolis, MN.

Jeff and Pat were married in 1984 while Jeff was in school at Dallas Theological Seminary and have been in the pastoral ministry since 1990.

They have 3 daughters.


After Jeff graduated from seminary in 1988, he served as a pastor in four different churches in the Midwest over a period of nearly 20 years with Pat at his side. One of those ministries was a church plant in SE Des Moines.

God led Jeff to go on six short-term mission trips to the Philippines with the Bob Tebow Evangelistic Association (BTEA) since January of 2011 where he saw thousands of Filipinos profess faith in Jesus for the free gift of eternal life. His entire family accompanied him on three of those trips during the summers, the most significant of which was a three-month trip in the Summer of 2012. During that trip they learned more about day-to-day living and the incredible opportunities to make disciples.

God sent the Ropps in April 2014 through NewLife Church and World In Need International to establish and multiply grace-based churches in the Philippines long-term.

During this past year (April 2014 to April 2015) partnering with BTEA evangelists, the Ropps have watched over 43,000 people publicly indicate they have trusted in Christ alone for everlasting life and have trained over 1,200 believers to multiply disciples until all hear. However, like any harvest it is certain to be ripe only for a season. The rapid growth of materialism threatens the future responsiveness to the gospel.

Our family believes that if we do not act now while the Spirit is moving, this great harvest of souls could be lost forever. We feel an intense sense of urgency to get the gospel to every individual in the Philippines before this great door of opportunity closes. We also recognize the tremendous need to help follow up all of these new believers through church planting and discipleship training.

Our purpose in serving the Lord with World In Need International is to reach Filipinos and teach them about God’s message of grace through:

Preaching the gospel (Mark 16:15; Romans 1:16)

Starting new churches (Acts 13:3ff; Romans 15:20)

Training existing church leaders in discipleship (Matthew 28:18-20)

Assisting with BTEA’s short-term evangelistic mission trips (Luke 10:1-20)

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