What We Are Doing

Our Opportunities

The greatest eternal joy is to live a life that lasts longer than your lifespan while leaving a legacy. Investing into the future insures that the future reflects the beauty of now. Expanding our designated space for multiple generations to gather and grow from each other builds a strong future. Combining the passions of youth with the wisdom of the old creates a vibrancy that will flow out of the church walls into homes, communities, schools and the globe.

Our Plan

To add additional ministry and educational space allowing current and future generations the opportunity to learn, grow, fellowship, mentor and nurture each other in a discipleship environment.  The financial impact of this plan, which includes some basic furnishings, has a range of $2.5 million dollars, plus or minus 10%.  As the Lord leads, partners will be given the privilege of participating in giving, over a three-year period, in this campaign.  Not equal giving, equal sacrifice. After tabulating the “first fruits offering” and commitments that are made, if additional funds are needed to complete the expansion, we will borrow.

Why Are We Doing This?

Fulfillment of the BIG FOUR

Because of our commitment to be disciples who make disciples, we are focusing on four main areas that produce engaged disciples.  We call them the BIG FOUR. 

The four areas we want people to engage in are:

  • Know Jesus
    • We want to plan for and pray for baptisms
    • We want to plan for and pray for many kids
    • We want to plan for and pray for many students
  • Find Community
    • We want all people to belong to a small group
  • Discover Purpose
    • We are excited to welcome all people to discover their purpose
  • Live the mission
    • Our partners serving through ministry teams and bringing the fingerprint to the SE Polk area 

Because we believe this is what God wants us to do, be, and become, expanding our facility and outreach becomes even more important for us to be prepared for the results God will provide.

Ministry Outcomes

Completing this expansion project will enable us to expand our influence throughout our community and provide a secure and welcoming environment for everyone that comes.  It will also give us “side-door” evangelistic opportunities that come from unexpected events and specific needs we need to meet.

Facilities Outcomes
  • Completing our facility addition will demonstrate both our desire for excellence in ministry as well as our commitment to be responsible community members.
  • Expanding our facility footprint will provide space for organized activities that will enhance our impact on all generations through mentoring relationships – both for our church family as well as our community.
  • We will be known as a “gathering place” especially in the Pleasant Hill and Altoona demographic. 

Why We Are Doing This Now?

Opportunities Gained

We believe, after much prayer and discussion, that now is the time for us to act in creating additional space that will allow us to:

  • have designated space for kids and students to experience a caring leader and a constant group of peers.
  • provide additional classroom space for adults to connect and grow.
  • enjoy a larger lobby that welcomes and promotes fellowship with partners and guests. 
  • welcome our community to come and discover Jesus in a safe place. 
  • centralize office space for staff and accessibility to partners.
  • continue producing services online which include Sunday mornings, funerals, weddings and other gatherings.
  • expand our community impact by opening  a coffee shop that provides a gathering place for people to come and fellowship, relax and communicate.
  • individually grow through worship, relationships and service.
  • effectively gather and impact more people each weekend. (Currently we are impacting about 350+ people per weekend in person and online.)
Opportunities Lost

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

We also are convinced that failure to act immediately and boldly will cause us to miss multiple opportunities to advance in our mission.  To delay providing a place for people to develop both spiritually and relationally is to risk losing them. For example:

  • Our current facility limits the expansion of our mission and vision.
  • Our current facility puts a lid on potential growth.
  • Our current lobby limits fellowship opportunities.
  • Our current facility limits the impact we can have in a growing Pleasant Hill/Altoona area where we desire to make Jesus known.

Past sacrifices of partners getting us to this point moves us to continue the ministry growth they prayed for, envisioned and desired.


If we miss this opportunity we will have reached our capacity for ministries to expand, for greater spiritual growth to happen and for non-churched people to come to Jesus and become fully devoted followers of His.

If not now, then when? If not us, then who?

Our Call To Action

Will you begin planning now with an eye toward investing deeply in our church’s future ministries and outreach? This will require us to provide funds for current ministry/budget needs as well as increase our giving to cover the costs of this expansion.

Progress Photos

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