Discussion Questions

Icebreaker: Who was/is your favorite cartoon character?

  1. What are some words that describe the past?
  2. How did Tim describe the role of a counselor in relation to the past? (Going through a filing cabinet of your past and processing it with them.)
  3. Why is it not helpful to tell people to forget the past?
  4. Read Joshua 4: 1-10. What did God tell Joshua to have the 12 tribes to do?
  5. Why do you think they were instructed to do this?
  6. How does looking back at the past help us process all that God has done for us?
  7. How were the stones to be used for future generations?
  8. How can we place markers for our children to be reminded of what God has done for us and them?
  9. Be Thankful: When would the 12 stones placed in the middle of the Jordan possibly be visible?
  10. What do you think is the benefit of the stones being visible during these more difficult times?
  11. God and our past – Read Romans 4:7, Acts 3:19.  What do these verses say about our past sins?
  12. How can this help us when we get down and depressed?
  13. Read Isaiah 43:25, Hebrews 8:12, 2 Corinthians 5:17.  What are words that describe God and our sins in these verses?
  14. What are constructive ways that we as christians can use our past to move into the future?
  15. Is there a difference in your mind in dwelling on the past and remembering the past?
  16. Application – What is one specific response to God you can take this next week as you remember what God has done for you?

As always, feel free to make this study your own. These questions are only discussion starters to help you get the conversation going.