Discussion Questions:

The God of Today
Jesus Can ________________.

Scripture: Hebrews 11:1, Exodus 14: 1-18, Exodus 9:19, Psalm 106:8, Isaiah 63:12

Icebreaker: If you were a road, would you be one with lots of potholes, or would you be a smooth road ? Why?


  1. Read Hebrews 11:1 in multiple versions if available. What is the definition of hope
    the way it is used here?
  2. Read Exodus 14:1-18 Review a map of the Exodus if possible.
    Why do you think God led them to this location instead of taking the logical
    route to the eastern side of the Red Sea?
  3. What was the response of the Israelites when faced with this
    situation? Did they have faith?
  4. What did the outcome show them? What does it show you today?
  5. Has God ever led you to a time when He was your only hope?
  6. What was the one thing the Israelites needed to do for God to show
    them his power and love for them?
  7. When you have faced hardships and troubles, have you found it
    difficult to move forward? Why do you think that is?
  8. What did you learn from the situation – and how did you grow in your
    faith from it?
  9. Exodus 9:19, Psalm 106:8, and Isaiah 63:12 all talk about the result
    of God showing his power. What is that?
  10. How have you given God the glory when he has moved in your life?


  1. How can we grow closer to God through our trials and struggles?
  2. How can this 21 days of fasting and PRAYER (Replacing the item
    with prayer is vital to it really being meaningful) help you move forward in
    your life and christian walk?

Note: Please take the time to tailor these questions to your group dynamic.
Not all questions need to be used, but ending with something that the group
can take away till next week is important. Following up on the application
question next week (Generically, not singling people out) can be beneficial
and start to show accountability for the group. Starting that discussion can
open up the group by showing vulnerability.


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