Discussion Questions
The Keys: Unlocking God’s Blessings – Financial Breakthrough

Icebreaker Question – If you could fund one charity for a year, which one would it be?  OR  What would your ideal job be? Why?

Discussion Questions
The video shown before the sermon talked about Cain and Abel. Read Genesis 4:1-5.

  1. What was the difference between Cain and Abel’s offerings to God?
  2. Why do you think God values first fruits?
    Tim talked about Old Testament examples of First Fruits and Giving.
  3. Read Proverbs 3:9 and Malachi 3:10.  What does the providing the Lord with the first of your produce show?
  4. What blessing to Israel is promised if they stopped giving their commanded 10%?
    Tim then talked about Management. We are not owners of our money and property, but we are managers or stewards of it. He then gave us this order for our money:  Give – Save – Live
  5. What percentage does New Life give to missions – both local and foreign?
  6. Read Matt 23:23 – What is the danger in setting a percentage as pleasing God
  7. What does God look at instead of arbitrary compliance? (God looks at the heart)
  8. Read Matthew 6:21, Luke 18:18-25 and Luke 19:1-10.  Why was Zacchaeus praised while the rich young ruler went away sad?
  9. Sometimes it is hard to tell where our heart is as we are deceived. What are ways that you can tell where your heart is?
  10. Read I Cor 16:1-2. Paul gives guidance on how an offering for another church (in essence a mission) should be done.  What guidance does he give?
  11. In your life, how have you experienced blessings from giving of your first fruits?
  12. Application – What are steps you can take to better manage your finances? (NLC offers Financial peace University to those interested.)
  13. Application – How do you look for someone who is in need and truly make a difference in their life?

Note: Please take the time to tailor these questions to your group dynamic.




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