Terrence & Jennifer Petoske

We are Terence and Jennifer Petoske and currently live in Kyiv, Ukraine. We teach at Kyiv Christian Academy where 75% of our students are from missionary families, and the other 25% are comprised of business and embassy families. Terence teaches Bible to 8th, 10th, and 11th graders this semester while he taught 12th grade as well first semester. He is in charge of weekly chapel, monthly discipleship groups (grades 6th-12th led by teachers), annual fall retreat, and annual Spiritual Emphasis Week. This semester he co-teaches Intro. to Philosophy as an elective to seniors, and he teaches Senior Seminar once a week. He begins the semester with Sticky Faith and helping students prepare for college then ends the semester with a public speaking class. Jen is the Director of Supplemental Services which houses English as Second Language, Resource, and NILD educational therapy. She is an educational therapist to three students and teaches a Resource Algebra 1 class. There are four more in her department who teach ESL, and one of those teachers is also an educational therapist. Along with ESL, Resource and Ed. Therapy, Supplemental Services provides admissions testing every year as well as annual testing for students with Individual Education Plans.

When not serving at KCA, Terence and Jen serve their local church, International Christian Assembly Kyiv, through providing premarital counseling. They currently have plans to meet with two to three engaged couples in the coming months.

They have two boys, Julian who is a senior at Wheaton College and Duncan who is a freshman at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Our funding comes through Resourcing Christian Education International and you can contact us below. We would love to hear from you.