Mission Agency: Undisclosed

Bio: We met in the Middle East in 1993 while they were both studying Arabic. The got married in 1994 and have just celebrated their 25th Wedding anniversary. He is a Boy Scout Leader; he enjoys camping and especially cooking over a fire. He also enjoys old black and white movies. Some of his favorites are Harvey and Casablanca. She enjoys teaching high school Sunday school and making her own clothes when she has the time. They have two children. Their daughter is studying to be a social worker and their son is a Sergeant in the US Army.

We are reaching out to a small non-Christian people group in the Middle East called the “Fini People Group.” They have about 150,000 people in the area they live. We travel frequently to work with the Fini people and at other times interact with people via WhatsApp. We are working on Bible Translation. Currently we have published the book of Jonah and by September we should have published the Scriptures for the Discovery Bible Study series. This is an evangelistic Bible study that is used in the region where we work. We are also partnering with the local government and ministry of education to develop a written language and a preschool program so that Fini speaking children can attend school in their own language. The Fini language has never been a written language.

We have published a Story app and dictionary app that people can install on their phones. The story app is installed on over 500 phones. Mostly this has been by peer to peer sharing using blue tooth as the internet is almost nonexistent.

Contact: Feel free to connect with us through the NewLife Church Missions Team.